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Account Setup Introduction
Account Setup Introduction

You will now go through Step 2 of the Section 111 COB Secure Web site (COBSW) registration process, Account Setup. This step must be completed for each RRE ID.

You must be the Account Manager for the RRE ID and have the associated PIN and account file submission information to complete this step.

Account Manager (AM) Role

Each RRE ID can have only one Account Manager. This is a user of the Section 111 COBSW who controls the administration of an RRE’s account, manages other users associated with the RRE ID and controls the overall reporting process.

The Account Manager:

  1. Must complete the Account Setup step on the COBSW and obtain a Login ID
  2. Can be associated with another RRE ID if they receive the authorized PIN from the BCRC mailing
  3. Controls other users’ (Account Designees’) access to the RRE ID on the COBSW
  4. Manages the RRE ID account information
  5. Can upload and download files to the COBSW via the HTTPS file transfer method
  6. Can use his/her Login ID and Password to transmit files via the SFTP file transfer method
  7. Can review file transmission status and statistics
  8. Cannot be an Authorized Representative for any RRE ID
  9. Cannot be an Account Designee for the same RRE ID.

Refer to the How to Get Started document under the How To menu option for more information.

Continue with this process only if you are the Account Manager for your RRE ID.

Note: You must have the complete file transmission information listed in the Section 111 User Guides if you plan to use the Connect:Direct file transmission method in order to complete the Account Setup step. Incomplete account information cannot be saved. Make sure you have this information on hand if needed before proceeding.



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