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How to Request Your Login ID

This page will explain how to retrieve a forgotten Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP) Login ID.

Note: If you have not yet registered and obtained a Login ID refer to the following help page How to Get Started on the MSPRP which is available under the How To... menu option. If you are the Account Manager, your Login ID is established during Account Setup. If you are an Account Designee, you must be assigned to an MSPRP account by an Account Manager. Once you have received an e-mail invitation, you will create your Login ID during the Designee Registration process.

Retrieve a Forgotten Login ID

  1. From the Welcome to the MSPRP (Login) page, click the [Forgot ID] link in the Account Sign-in box (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1
    Figure 1
  2. The Forgot Login ID page displays. Enter the e-mail address provided during registration and click [Continue].
  3. The Forgot Login ID or Password page displays. Enter the answers to the security questions that you provided when you registered and click [Continue].
  4. The Forgot Login ID Confirmation page displays. This confirms that your request for your Login ID has been accepted.
  5. Click the [Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal Welcome Page] link to return to the Welcome to the MSPRP (Login) page. You will receive an e-mail that contains your Login ID once your request has been processed.

If you are unsuccessful using the Forgot ID feature, contact the BCRC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Department at: (646) 458-6740. When you call, you must be able to provide the answers to the security questions you selected during your MSPRP registration.